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    The elite Raptix is a fast attacker whose powerful attacks can pull even the deftest pilots from the air. Elite Steel Shell Crabs are armored crustaceans that pack a punch with their big steel claws. And elite Strike Fighters are the wing leaders of their air squadrons—they command hunter killer teams to seek and destroy the enemy where they stand.

    TRADE POINTS: This Elite pack is a mix of commander units that can join any Protectors force. The Elite Raptix commands hunting packs that can use their Anti Air ability to pull fliers from the sky back down to earth. Elite Steel Shell Crabs are the lynchpins of a strong power base; they use their powerful claws to shut down enemies who bounce off their steel shell armor. Elite Strike Fighters are the ideal wingmen for any Strike Fighters battling in the skies—with their commander aura, they can help those other fighters find their marks.


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