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    While you might have heard of death from above, these promise death from above and below! The Mollock Mortars are the artillery corps of the Subterran Uprising; they are among the slowest units to walk the fight but their long-range mortar shells can be deadly. Oppressors are the Mollock Mortars’ bodyguards—together, they make a lethal tag team on the battlefield.

    TRADE POINTS: The Mollock Mortars and Oppressors are units focused on teamwork that can join any Destroyers force. The Mollock Mortars’ motto is slow but steady wins the race. Their speed may not be great, but with the ability to Aim their range 6 explosive blast attacks. they don’t need to be quick to get the job done quickly. Oppressors are midfield attackers that can Tow the Mollock Mortars forward and then use the Reach from their massive claws to protect them.

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